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Likarnya Online

We offer professional medical triage from volunteer doctors all over the world, 24/7

What we do

We are a virtual clinic that provides professional medical triage free of charge to Ukrainian refugees online and through the Telegram app.


Over 6.5 million Ukrainians are now geographically displaced. Over 3.5 million have now crossed the border to escape the Russian invasion of their country and the bombings of their villages, towns, and cities. Several hospitals and medical centres in Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed.

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Helping displaced refugees

The number of displaced refugees in European countries is expected to reach 5 million, of which the majority are women, children and the elderly.

We created our virtual clinic to provide displaced refugees with remote access to the medical care they need. Supported by international volunteer doctors and healthcare professionals who speak Ukrainian, Russian and English.


Using a Zoom link, phone call or email communication, the digital platform will allow direct contact with a patient or parent 1-1 with a qualified specialist.


We are now fundraising to apply to register as a charitable entity, develop our technology to the specific service we offer, and fund our necessary expenses to continue providing the help Ukrainian people need during this challenging period.

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