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We are the Bionabu Life Sciences and Medical Technology Community, an industry place for networking, networking and collaboration, launching  a virtual clinic for Ukrainians, designed for round-the-clock provision of Online consultation and mobile healthcare services. Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes to escape the Russian invasion of their country and the bombing of their villages, towns and cities. Several hospitals and medical centers in Ukraine were damaged or destroyed.

The number of displaced refugees in European countries is expected to reach 5 million. Most of them are women, children and the elderly.

To provide displaced refugees with remote access to the medical care they need, Bionabu has created a virtual clinic.

Supported by international volunteer doctors and healthcare professionals who speak their main languages. Ukrainian or Russian.

The digital platform will allow direct contact with a patient or parent one-on-one with a qualified specialist free of charge using ZOOM.  


If you have a desire to cooperate and help, please first register on the website at and then complete the full registration for the Likarnya project.


Registration guide for the Likarnya project - link


Video instruction for registration on Bionabu - link

FAQ - link


Most needed are Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking general practitioners, pediatricians, obstetrician-gynecologists, child psychiatrists and neurologists, as well as general psychiatrists with trauma experience. Dentists and other medical professionals will also be required.  


Bionabu founder and CEO Ina Burgstaller says, “I just needed something to help, we have connections with doctors and healthcare professionals all over the world. We are ideally placed to bring healthcare professionals together and provide a platform for the help that ordinary people so desperately need right now.”  

PRESS CONTACT to contact Bionabu 

Mark Walmsley 

Head of Marketing and Business Development 


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